The Manual featured the All Night GoPro battery in their Outdoor Retailer Best of Show. The All Night extends the life of your GoPro 5.5X and has a 400 lumen light so you can shoot in dark conditions. 

Story here.

Gear Institute recently checked out the Lightwave AMP and Solaris solar chargers and said the lantern will be an item that  “people are going to be scrambling to get their hands on” and pointed out the SOLARIS devices’ lightweight, flexible and durable construction. 

The Brunton LIGHTWAVE AMP, featured on Men’s Journal Online in a Outdoor Retailer new gear roundup titled, “Our Favorite New Gear for a Summer Adventure: Best of Outdoor Retailer.” This article highlights the camping lantern’s multiple USB output ports, speaker system, Bluetooth controlled settings and Brunton B-SYNC app.

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Office Too Cold? Heat Your Core With Brunton HeatSync.

Gizmodo Features the Lightwave Amp

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