Gear Junkie acknowledges that the Axis is built for professionals, but still piques the interest of ‘gear geeks’ like themselves. Read about it here.

The intro: 'We’re going to be upfront here – the likelihood that a good portion of our readers are geologists or familiar with the tools geologists use is likely small. We’re ok with that though because we’re pretty sure that anyone who appreciates good gear and well built tools will think the Axis Pocket Transit by Brunton is an amazing gadget." Read about it here.


Uncrate doesn't usually talk about professional navigation compasses, but when they saw the new Axis they couldn't resist. Take a look at their post here


Off-Piste took the Resync 6000 to the backcountry. 

Read what they have to say here.

The Cold Outdoorsmen had a lot of great things to say about the Lightwave Amp.

Read about it here.

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