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USB RECHARGEABLE The tip of Glacier line, the Glacier 320 boasts 150 lumens of path-finding brilliance, and a 320 foot directional beam that will reveal upcoming curves in the single track or light the way for your lead sled-dog. Powered exclusively from Brunton Pharos™ power pack, the hours of run time can be supplemented with a solar power during the daylight on extended trips.

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Power source attaches to headband, arm or belt to fit user’s comfort
Dispersed reading light mode
50 lumens, 320 foot beam on high
Nichia & Rebel LEDs with International SOS flash
Optional third strap for increased stability

Brunton knows that dependable lighting is the difference between a grueling trek and a quest that never quits. Defend your right to light by pairing your devices with Brunton portable power.  With USB and solar panel recharging options, you’ll never lose another adventure to the dark.

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Extend your adventure beyond the veil of night with a wide array of premium Brunton lighting tools.  With high beam headlamps, linkable task lighting, and multi-use lanterns, you won’t fear the dark—the dark will fear you.

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