Adventure can't
wait around for
you to power

Adventure lives in wet, dirty, exhilarating places—worlds away from recliners and wall sockets. For those determined to get there, we offer compact and adventure-armoredTM solutions to power your electronics to the ends of the Earth—without leaving a trail of spent batteries behind.

Lightweight Level One devices stow on key chains or in back pockets for an added boost when you need it most. Ideal for cell phones and MP3 players, Level One will help you power through an afternoon hike or keep you charged while cheering your team on from the sidelines.

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Water resistant housing
Compatible with Brunton SyncTech enabled headlamps and task lights
Power gauge and auto shut off
Output: 2800 mA/ 5v (USB 2.0 compatible)


Available with micro USB or Apple connector

Versatile Level Two devices stow easily in your pack and charge multiple everyday devices. Recharge your smart phones, gaming devices, e-readers, and more wherever you roam, so you and your family are never too far from the comforts of home.

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Water resistant. Durable rubberized shell.
Output: 5 volts 2,100 mA USB. Compatible with smaller USB devices like smart phones, music players and GPS units.
Capacity: 9000 mA rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery. Power gauge and auto shut-off prevents overcharge.
Input: 5 volt USB or 12 volt DC, compatible with USB-based or 12v Brunton solar panels.

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Battery Capacity: 3,200 mA

Want to get even more out of your charging time? Combine your Level Two power pack with a foldable solar panel. Together, these power essentials help you store sunshine during the day, and charge with your gear through the night. It’s power the way nature intended.


High-capacity level three packs are ideal for powering demanding, professional-grade equipment like laptops, video cameras, and satellite phones. Fit out your workstation by storing Level Three devices in the trunk of your car, or capture your adventure by carrying one with you on a multi-day expedition.

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Water resistant, durable rubberized shell.
Capacity: 13,000 mA rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery. Power gauge and auto shut-off prevents overcharge.
USB, 16V and/or 19V output. Output: 2100 mA @ 5V USB; 4,500 mA @ 16V and 19V.

Sustain 2TM

Battery Capacity: 6,000 mA
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Our most powerful solar array, the Solaris 62 is trusted and loved by remote film crew, high-alpine expeditions, and isolated research teams alike. Anywhere power is critical, Solaris answers the call.

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Multi-section folding panels for ease of storage and use
Flexible high performance CIGS solar cells
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