Glacier™ 320 Headlamp

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The tip of Glacier line, the Glacier 320 boasts 150 lumens of path-finding brilliance, and a 320 foot directional beam that will reveal upcoming curves in the single track or light the way for your lead sled-dog. Powered exclusively from Brunton Pharos power pack, the hours of run time can be supplemented with a solar power during the daylight on extended trips, and the power pack doubles as an auxiliary power source for your USB electronics like smart phones and mp3 players.

  • Brunton SyncTech enabled, rechargeable external power pack included
  • Efficient and inconspicuous green light mode
  • Dispersed reading light mode
  • Power management system for max burn time
  • Power source attaches to headband, arm or belt to fit users comfort
  • Optional third strap for increased stability
  • Nichia & Rebel LEDs
  • 150 lumens, 320 foot beam on high
  • International SOS flash


Overall Dimensions: 8.5" x 3.5" x 5.25"

Weight: 1.05 lbs.

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