Gear Up for Hunting Season with this Monocular

Gear Up for Hunting Season with this Monocular

Optics are one of the most important pieces of gear when you’re out on a hunt. That’s why our LITE TECH Monocular is a perfect choice to take into the field.

Fall is right around the corner which means that for many, it’s time to prep for the big game hunting season. Depending on the state you live in, hunting season can start as early as August, and run through the end of December. Many of the coveted ungulates including: elk, white tail deer, mule deer, and moose are in the rut sometime between late August and early December.

Hunting is naturally a very gear intensive activity. You might be lugging a tree stand in addition to your pack and bow or rifle. And while range finders can determine the distance between you and a target, you still need good optics in order to glass the surrounding area. 

Add a Monocular to your Hunting Gear

While binoculars are coveted by many hunters, a monocular serves an important purpose in the hunting process.

What is a Monocular?

A monocular is akin to a mini telescope. Like binoculars, it enables you to view long range items that cannot be distinguished with the naked eye. Typically, a monocular has similar aperture to binoculars, and is much smaller–roughly the length of your fist.

Compact and Clandestine

While a monocular can increase eyestrain, given that you’re only looking out through one, they are incredibly useful for a fast glad. A monocular is compact and lightweight, so it won’t add to your already heavy hunting load. You can also use it with incredible speed. Often hunters have to fumble with their binoculars, but a monocular is quick and easy to just pull out of your pocket.

Photo courtesy of The Dyrt Ranger Dave V.

Hunting big game requires you to be quiet and discreet throughout the process. Given that a monocular is small and requires very little rummaging in your pack, it's much less of a hassle when out in the field. It is also convenient to carry and can be worn on a lanyard without weighing you down.

Some of the issues to be aware of with a monocular are the fact that does not facilitate wide angle viewing, and you can’t glass with it as long as you can with binoculars because of eyestrain.

Other Uses for Your Monocular 

If you’re someone that wants to stick with binoculars for opening day, a monocular is still useful during your scouting days. You can also use your monocular to view wildlife while you’re on a hiking or backpacking trip. A monocular will help you cut weight while still giving you the ability to see faraway fauna.

So if you’re prepping early for your hunting season, be sure that you trust your optics, and consider a monocular for your scouting and stalking days.

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