"A world where everyone can find their direction."


"By making the world's most reliable compasses, transits, and exploration tools, we inspire, educate, and support professional and outdoor field pursuits."


We are an outdoor brand.  We live and play where we work.  We place high value on sustainable business practices that reduce our impacts on natural systems and protect the environment for future generations.


We operate a healthy and sound business.  We are responsible partners with our vendors and customers.  We aim to reduce excess, reduce scrap, and reuse materials whenever possible.  We have a positive economic impact on our city, county, and state.


We operate with honesty, integrity, and respect with everyone in our community, from employees to business partners to neighbors.  We make choices and develop products that enrich science and society.  We place high value on good customer service, prompt communication, transparency, and creative problem solving.


We aim to improve the well-being of our team and our community.  We provide products that get people outdoors, and we enjoy community outreach opportunities.  We spend time on employee education and provide a safe and happy work environment.  


We continuously evaluate and innovate new products and systems to ensure that we remain at the top of the global market for precision navigation.