Love to Explore? Become a Brunton Ambassador!

Love to Explore? Become a Brunton Ambassador!

Brunton is kicking off our first ever Ambassador program and is seeking seasoned outdoorsmen and women to represent the Brunton brand. Share your knowledge and expertise in map and compass navigation and finding your way in the backcountry.  

Why be an Ambassador?

Have a passion for exploring off the grid? Work in remote locations? Brunton Ambassadors appreciate the importance of a reliable compass to help them find their way to the destination and return home safely.  

How does the Brunton Ambassador program work?

When you become a Brunton Ambassador, you join a community of elite members who range from avid hikers, hunters and anglers to professional geologists. As a part of this community, you’ll help build upon the Brunton legacy by sharing stories and tips from the field.

We might ask you to share your tips for navigating the backcountry and going off trail. We also might ask you to test and review new products. We will take your experiences, share them with a diverse set of adventurers, and help encourage others to map out their expeditions.

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