Take a Listen to These Four Geology Inspired Podcasts

Take a Listen to These Four Geology Inspired Podcasts

Rocks, natural formations, mountains, volcanoes among other natural phenomenons, are some of the core characteristics that make up the backcountry. But how did all of those things come to be? There is infinite information and knowledge surrounding geology, and while it might be hard to digest it all, here are some podcasts that can get you started, as you explore the backcountry and all it has to offer.

1. Don’t Panic Geocast

Geoscience and technology are the basis of discussion for this weekly podcast. Hosts John Leeman and Shannon Dulin, both PhD students interview guests, conduct product reviews, and feature “Fun Paper Fridays” where they introduce a new scientific paper. Listen to the podcast here to learn about the intersection between geology and technology.

2. Earth and Environmental Systems Podcast

Between summer 2007 and summer 2009, Dr. Christian Shorey, of the Colorado School of Mines, recorded his lectures to supplement a college course. This detailed podcast outlines simple geological features and takes the listener all the way to our present day geological state. You can listen to the full series here.

3. Science Sort Of

Science topics and sort of science topics are covered in this podcast. Like History of Earth, which is on this list, this podcast frequently covered geology and is hosted by the “Paleopals.” Learn about science and geology with this fun crowd.

4. History of the Earth

This podcast jams the history or our planet into one year, which sounds impossible and incredible all at the same time. It takes listeners on a journey beginning with the origin of Earth and ending at the origin of Mankind. While the entire podcast isn’t dedicated to geology, the topic is touched on frequently or focused on on many episodes. Check it out!

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