LVHS and Brunton Team Up on Teaching Local Geology

LVHS and Brunton Team Up on Teaching Local Geology

Written By: Amanda Fehring (County 10 News)
LVHS and Brunton team up on teaching local geology - County 10™

(Lander, WY) – A Lander Valley High School science class had the opportunity recently to spend time with former geology teacher Monika Leopold from Brunton in both the classroom and at Johnny Behind the Rocks (JBR).

The students got a presentation on local Lander geology, they learned how Brunton geological compasses are used by geologists, what a geological map is, who makes them, and how they’re made.

The students also got a lesson in Strike and Dip and practiced measuring and observing geology in the field.

“Typically, these types of skills are taught to junior and senior geology majors in college,” Leopold shared. “We wanted to take students out and show them how geologists and geology students really learn this in undergraduate and then how they use these skills as professional geologists.”

LVHS Science Teacher Heidi VanLishout said, “the whole kind of goal was for me to kind of get the kids out and involved in learning about their local geology because we live in a pretty amazing place here in Lander for geologic history.”

The students enjoyed their time outside.

“When they came back the next day, they were like, ‘so when do we get to go out again?'” VanLishout noted.

This is part of Brunton’s goal to have more community outreach with youth and adults in Fremont County.

Brunton International staff, Monika Leopold, teaching regional Wyoming geology

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