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Cadet Compass - Discontinued Product

Cadet Compass - Discontinued Product

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A great training transit, notably compact, the compass boasts an azimuth resolution of 2 degrees--with graduations in 0 to 360 degrees and 0 to 90-degree Quads--along with a vertical angle resolution of 2 degrees (incremented up to 90 degrees). In addition, the training compass includes a peep sight and sighting hole for increased accuracy, taking your navigation to the next level. Finally, the unit's plastic body and cover are lightweight and durable, making it barely noticeable in your pocket.
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• Azimuth resolution: 2°
• Azimuth graduations: 0-360° & 0-90°
• Inclination resolution: 2°
• Inclination graduations: 0-90°
• Peep-sight & sighting hole
• Light-weight plastic body
• Overall dimensions: 3.3''x3.3''x0.9''
• Weight: 2.8 oz