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Geo Lite Transit

Geo Lite Transit

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A baseplate compass that works like a transit!  This geology-specific mirrored baseplate compass is ideal for students and field geologists in need of a lightweight compass with transit features and functionality.  Geologic measurements can be made using traditional strike & dip methods or dip & dip direction configurations.  With two clinometers and a protractor on the clear baseplate, the Geo Lite is a versatile and lightweight tool for field mapping.

Geo Lite Transit Manuals and Videos

Magnetic Zones:  The Geo Lite features a disc magnet that is optimized into three zones.  Please visit the Needle Balancing Page to identify your main zone and select it below.  

Custom pad printing on compass lid is available - contact Brunton for details.

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Details for Geo Lite Transit


• Transit-style direct read azimuth system.

• Slender needle for a more accurate read.

• Fixed plumb-style clinometer–unaffected by declination adjustment.

• Hinge clinometer enables dip/dip azimuth measurements.

• Integrated protractor for plotting data on a field map.

• Bubble level for accurate strike measurement.

• 2˚ resolution for azimuthal readings (strike, dip azimuth, directional bearings).

• 5˚ resolution for clinometer readings.

• Brunton EverNorth Magnet resists demagnetization over time.

• Map Magnifier.

• Sighting mirror for accurate bearings.

• Tool-free declination adjustment.

• Romer scales included for easy integration with handheld GPS unit.

• Flat bottom for accurate strike and dip measurements at low angles.

• Hot stamped base plate for improved durability.

• Recycled glass-filled PA lid for increased durability.

• FSC-certified and recyclable packaging

• Made in the USA in Riverton, Wyoming.


• DIMENSIONS: 4 x 2.5 x 0.6 in | 10.16 x 6.3 x 1.5 cm
• WEIGHT: 3.2 oz | 68 g
• AZIMUTH: 2˚ graduations w/ ± 1˚ accuracy
• HINGE CLINOMETER: 5˚ graduations w/ ± 2.5˚ accuracy
• INTERNAL CLINOMETER: 5˚ graduations w/ ± 2.5˚ accuracy


"The order was shipped timely, the quality of the product was very good, as expected, and the followup customer service was unexpected, and very appreciated. I will continue to do business with Brunton" - Peter A. 4/1/21